New Runner Tips

Listen, I wasn't always a runner.  For many years, the most running I did was to the fridge and back.  Becoming a runner wasn't easy.  And, as my blog shows, staying a runner....even harder.

This page serves as a quick reference for articles by me, and others, on "Becoming a Runner".  I hope you can find them useful!

Step One:  Get Thyself Proper Shoes 

Cool Running's Guide to Stretches for Runners 

Side Stitches Suck...and are a reason many beginners quit.  Stay ahead of that game!
Runner's World's Guide to Side Stitches

Great article from Tommy Copper about PREVENTING Injuries

Becoming a Runner

I'd argue that the #1 reason beginners quit:  SHIN SPLINTS.  With proper shoes and some help, they don't to keep you down. 
Cool Running's Guide to Shin Splints