Sunday, June 15, 2008

Getting back on track.

Really, I'm still stressed about my tongue. It's still hotter than hot. The kids are still home on summer vacation. can't make excuses forever. Excuses got me to the bad place to begin with....

Here's my piece of advice for today...

Every week is NOT a new week. Every minute is a new minute.

Case in point: In the old days (okay, like 12 months ago) I'd start a diet, 2 days in I'd fuck it up some how (let's say I'm not eating carbs and I accidentally have a cookie...ha ha ha) and then throw the baby out with the bathwater..... Let's say the accident was on a Tuesday. I'd say, "Oh well, I messed up this week, I'll start over again next Monday." Then I'd eat like a banchee on the weekend, and "Forget" to start again on Monday.

That was a successful plan. Obviously. 255 pounds.

Here's what I do now....even though I am not on a restrictive diet (excepting for the no gluten thing) if I messed up today at breakfast, I'd fix it at lunch. And dinner. And after dinner. In the beginning of changing your eating habits: You can not let yourself slip. And slip more. The minute you notice you've slipped. FIX IT. And forgive yourself. Don't feel guilty for too long. It was a learning experience. Learn and move on. Because guilty feelings=eating more. Trust me on that part!