Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Mom and The Marathon

Time sure does fly when you're running 30 miles a week!

I am feeling very good things about my marathon these last few weeks. It's been a lot of work, and very hard, but I my last three long runs have been really fantastic. I am always incredibly thankful when I have a good long run. Because, in all reality, a run can go either way. Some days you hit the wall at mile 5 and some days you look down at your watch and realize, "Huh, I already ran 18.1 miles? Wow...."

Marathon Training while working and full time Mom-ing has brought me to understand a new level of tired. There should be a word beyond exhausted. I am not sure what that word is. But that's how we feel. Marathon Training takes over your life. When you HAVE to run 3 or 4 on Tuesday, 7 on Wednesday, 3 on Thursday, and 18 on Saturday, every other day of the week falls around that.

Marathon Training is hard on a marriage. "Not tonight honey, I have to run in the morning"

Marathon Training is hard on my kids. "Sorry, Quinn, I can't take you skating, I have to run 4"

Marathon Training is hard on the budget. I haven't made dinner much lately, because when I'm not running, I am at the chiropractor (twice a week for maintenence!), catching up on housework, or shuffling kids to sports.

My life has become measured in miles, not minutes.

And I am loving every minute of it.

I know, crazy, right? I don't like putting my kids or my husband off. I love those three monsters crazily, and they know it. But in my 10 years of motherhood I have never done something that is exclusively MINE. I have never taken a dream and worked my ass off for 6 months to achieve it. I have never challenged my body. I have never tortured my mind. Until now. I feel very empowered by my training. I feel as if I am setting the tone for my kids. "If I can do THIS, you all can do ANYTHING and all you need to do is set your MIND to it"

Something funny....I have gotten a little bored by my iTunes listening library lately. Hey, you go listen to the same songs 400 minutes of your week and see if you still LOVE U2.... Anyway, I decided to download a comedy album to help ease my run. People driving along Renner Road must have thought I was pretty special...laughing my ass off from mile 15 to mile 18 to Wanda Sykes. THAT is some funny stuff....