Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's so pretty outside!

The leaves are finally changing here in Texas. It's not as pretty here as it was back home...with the bright YELLOW and RED and ORANGE, but since I've been here for 6 years, I am not enjoying this beauty.

This morning Isla and I did a speed work run and she stayed awake the whole time, looking around. The birds were chirping. The geese were calling out over head. And the colors...were beautiful.

It was so pretty and enjoyable I hardly noticed that I didn't bring my iPod. I have had, since my early days of running, what could actually be classified as "Runner's OCD". I don't say that jokingly, my rituals for running were definitely right up there in the AAP's DSM-IV classification of OCD. I used to not be able to run without: iPod, Garmin, Hat, Glasses, Inhaler, and Glide on my feet.

I've gotten to a destination running location and not ran because of the items. I've canceled a run due to a dead iPod or Garmin. But I think Isla's helping to cure that. Since most mornings I run right after I drop the big kids off, I am so busy focusing on "Does Widget have her lunch...Did Holden take his pill...is Isla warm enough...does she have her binky?" that I have often times forgotten one of my ritualistic items. And today it was the iPod. So instead of listening to 50Cent and Britney Spears, I listened to geese calling and sweet, sweet baby babbles.