Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have terrible knees.  I always have.  Add to the fact that I have about 100 horseback riding accidents combined with genetically messed up patellae, and you get this mess.  That, however, has never been one to get me down.  As a kid I'd go to a doctor and he'd say, "Yes, you're patella is in the wrong spot, if your knees hurt, stop playing soccer."  And that was always ignored.  This fact didn't change much, as an adult, either.  When I started running 4 years ago, I was in horrific pain with my knees.  A trip to Dallas' best orthoped rendered the same results, "You have no cartiledge.  Your knees are basically bone on bone.  Your patella is in the wrong place.  You have significant swelling.  You should never run more than 6 miles."  It was as if a challenge was issued.

I went to PT for a few months.  Got in with a fantastic chiropractor, and, as the story goes, have run well over 6 miles, multiple times with very little knee pain until now. 

So, in an attempt to again fight nature and heal these knees, I've gone another alternate route.  Because, apparently, they don't give 30 year olds knee replacements.  And I don't believe in pain meds.  SO, this time I got poked.

Yea baby!  Acupuncture!  My awesome chiropractor, who made it possible to run a marathon, and a half while pregnant, is recently certified in acupuncture.  He swore it would alleviate the swelling in my knees and boy was he right.  After two treatments I was back in business!  I know my knees will always be a pain.  Especially as I start to train for next year's Ultramarathon.  But at least I know how to make them feel better, without drugs!