Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let the Vacation Commence

After a marathon driving session, we've arrived at our destination.  I'm so pleased that I get to spend time in this much cooler climate!  The drive was fantastic, beautiful, and actually fun.  But to be here, where the world is green and comfort surrounds me is a wonderful feeling. 

Before I left, I watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love.  I'd been told by my friend that it was a Must See! movie.  How I'd love it!  As I carefully loaded 15 suitcases with clothing, bedding, and other necessities, I watched Julia Roberts play Liz Gilbert  escape the dredges of her hard core reality; eating and drinking her way through the beauties of Italy and Asia. 

The movie was beautiful.  The message Liz meant to send was well received.  Especially given that I feel as if I've fallen victim to the daily grind: dishes, homework, laundry, school work, bedtime, doctor appointments.  Lately I'd felt as though I was teetering on the edge of falling out of love with my life. 

While I accept and adore my jobs, at times it leads to me forgetting my own joys.  The passion I have had in the past for running simply has left.  Perhaps it's the result of sleepless nights or school deadlines.  I run to continue the activity.  But the "ohmyGod I HAVE to go for a run NOW" feeling  left the building.  Consciously, I realized that I must work to regain that feeling, the zest and excitement I had for running.  This is something that all mothers must work to do.  Find that inner passion and work to maintain it.  Fight the urge to lose it.  Because I think, once we lose it, we start the slide down the slippery slope that may never be climbed again.  We begin to make poor choices in order to boost our moods. 

Yet, there is simply no reality in my doing what Liz Gilbert did.  "See you later kids, Mom's going to high tail it off to France for a few months.  Have fun!"  So while as much as I desired to Eat Pray Love across France and Ireland, it just wasn't happening.  This summer. 

And so, this trip, then, becomes my own version of Eat Pray Love.  Because I don't live in Liz Gilbert Fantasy Land, my journey I shall Eat Run Drink across the wilds of New York State.

There's nothing like the smell of freshly picked berries in June.  In Texas we just can't get them.  While I may be able to purchase ripe Strawberries at my local Target, they were picked weeks ago in California and have lost that New Berry Smell.  Bite into a sun ripened, warm strawberry and your mouth melts.  Fresh produce from the garden, fish from the lake, hots over the bonfire...This is a place rich to the palate.  Isla has already learned the joys of New York's freshest, most delicious produce, from strawberry to lettuce, beans and more to come!

 Not only is the scenery to run in, but the weather is a treat!  It has been considerably cooler here than in Texas, and so I have been able to run so much more.  I love running through New York.  I find myself inspired and looking forward to donning my smelly running clothes.  Several times this week I have felt the age old itch of "IGottaRunNOW!"  I'm back to logging 20 mile weeks. 

California ain't got nothin' on Finger Lakes wines.  THIS is where the wine is delish.  I vow to drink only New York State wines while I'm here.  Why would I bother with something else?  Looking forward to winery tours and tastings.