Monday, July 11, 2011

Lakeside Ending

Can you say Best. Lake. Trip. Ever?  It was decided that we enjoyed the hell out of our lake vacation this year.  Yes, I was more tired than usual.  Yes, packing for one more kid was a lot of work.  But.  The weather:  Perfect.  The kids:  Had a blast.  The grownups:  R~E~L~A~X~E~D.

I am so thankful I was able to get out in my kayak so often.  But another highlight of our trip was spending a day at the wineries.

 Three of the best words known to this Mom. 
This is one of the wineries we were able to do a tasting in.  A newer winery to the area, they are working to build up a reputation.  Settled in a beautiful area near Clayton, Coyote Moon Vineyards is chock full of a very fun and super friendly staff.  Even the owner, who we met, had a very loose, fun, relaxed attitude.  Oh, and the wine...kicked ass. 

Something fun that the vineyards serve up that way is...Wine Slushies.  Really, 7-11 needs to get on this game.  Wine Slushies are delish! But...maybe we enjoyed the wine slushies a little...too much as the remainder of the evening was...interesting.

Our lake trip was also extra special because it fell around a very special date!  Our princess had her first birthday during the end of our stay.  We were blessed to spend the entire day (of perfect, 85 degree sunny weather!) at a castle.
Where else should a princess spend her special day?  The gardens, the story, the glamor.  Boldt Castle is one of the wonders of New York State.  And Isla, like the rest of the clan, fell in love with Heart Island.  And what's a birthday without...CAKE?  Isla thoroughly (can you tell?) enjoyed her first birthday cake! 

Yet, as is the case with life, the real world calls.
Much as I'd like to escape reality, and remain on the lake for life, it's time to pack up the cottage and head home.  Here's looking to next year, hopefully as invigorating, relaxing, and fun as this year!