Friday, August 26, 2011

Yep, I'm Sore! Post Surgery Run...DONE

I was literally BITING at the bit to go for a run yesterday.  Wednesday night I had such anxiety, anticipation, and excitement I set my alarm clock for 5:30 a.m. Thursday.  Then my friend called...and there was some wine...and I didn't make it up in time to run before sending the babes off for a day of learning.  But as soon as they were dropped off, I was on the road. 

I didn't have any sort of commitment.  This was my first real run in 2 months, so I decided I'd play it by ear.  My shoulder felt fine the entire run.  I was able to crank in about 2.5 miles despite the heat.  About 1.5 miles into it I got the feeling. The feeling I hadn't had in a while.  The "Oh yes, this is why I do it!".

Last night I was pretty swollen and sore, fell asleep cuddled up to my ice pack.  Today it's very sore, so I have taken today off and will, instead, do a longer run tomorrow or Sunday.  Depending on how late I'm celebrating tonight!

My goal:   complete my Run2Starbucks  a 4.4 mile course. 
2 Tuesday, 3 Wednesday, 2 Thursday

The ozone level here still sucks.  That's my only complaint.  I can't wait til the weather cools and we're breathing easier.

I'm back!