Friday, September 16, 2011

You Know You've Become Crazy When...

I realize I'm not the typical suburban house frau stay at home mom.  I've never been one to place a high emphasis on getting my hair done, going for pedicures, or maintaining my nails.  As much as I enjoy a good massage, if it ain't a therapeutic sports massage, it isn't my thing.

Yet, the other day I had this realization that I might actually be crazy.

I signed up to run a half on Sunday.  As in 2 days from right now.

13.1 miles

It's the first time I've done something like that, just on a whim, dropped $80 to go run 13.1 miles.  I know I'm not in good shape.  I know I won't PR.  I know I probably will run the slowest half I've ever done.  Shit, I just had shoulder surgery 6 weeks ago.  I'm allowed.

I signed up for this race for really silly reasons...

It's close to my house.  The drive will be 5 minutes.  The course is a route I've done as a training run a few times.  There's HORSES on the course!

I was going to run 6 miles, anyway.  Why not do 13 and get a shirt.  And a medal.  And a free banana.

I miss that giddy, adreneline feeling you only get when standing at the start line.

I miss the taste of Gu.

My legs are feeling too good.  I need them to feel a little stiff and achy.  I miss that lactic acid build up feeling all over my lower half.

I only have 20 other things going on Sunday, why not!

I may not even finish this half on Sunday.  Because, to be honest, I have one rule:   Have Fun.  The minute this race isn't fun anymore, I stop.  I'm out.  I'm no longer running to beat the shit out of myself.  I'm running for the fun, the joy, the rush, the H I G H.

Even with that being said...I still may need this: