Monday, October 17, 2011

It's never too late

I was supposed to go for a long run this weekend.  But I just didn't get my shit together enough to make it happen.  Again.  This is like 3 weekends in a row.  The problem is that I find myself so freaking exhausted by Saturday, that the thought of getting out on the road by 7 a.m. to do a long run (before it hits 90 degrees) makes me want to throw up.  So, instead, I pack the baby up and grab a Starbucks coffee and chug it down before the reality of weekend chaos ensues.  I think, I'll do it Sunday.  I make quiet bargains with myself:  "If Isla wakes up at 5, instead of putting her back to bed, I'll throw her in BOB and we'll run..."  "If Isla doesn't wake up at 5, I'll wake up at 7 and sneak out by myself"  The problem:  Isla woke at 3.  And 4. 

But then There I found myself, Sunday night, pissed.  I was really mad at myself.  I was getting ready to throw in the sweat towel again.  I've been busting my ass Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the gym.  My 5k time is dropping...dropping...getting better.  So why can't I get my shit together on Saturday...or Sunday a.m.? 

Maybe....I'm tired.  Maybe...I need to give myself a break.  While I'm not working on distance, the intervals and sprints are really building my lung strength and quick twitch muscles.  So, no, I won't give up. 

Just because I didn't long run this weekend, that doesn't mean my plan is ruined.  I'm not ON a plan.  Every day is a new day.  Every day is a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth chance).  Each morning I'm given the gift to make a choice to make it right.  We're ALL given that blessing, each and every day. 

It's never too late to do the right thing.  It's never too late to challenge yourself.  It's never too late to be the best you can be.  Just ask Fauja Singh, the 100 year old man who finished the Toronto Marathon this weekend.