Monday, December 10, 2012

Another record BUSTED! (Running Half Marathon with a Stroller)

Okay, so not to beat a dead horse, but, I love running.  I really love everything about it.  The freedom that it gives me, the release of energy, and most of all, the feeling of absolute triumph.  But what makes all of that awesomeness even better is when I can share that with someone else. 

On Saturday, I had a run that hit every single one of those high points.  It was a necessary good run because after the craptacular run that was December 2nd, I was doubting myself (again).  What should have been an easy 10 or 11 mile run ended up only being a 9 mile crapfest. 

Everything about that run sucked. 
It was hot. 
It was humid. 
I was tired. 
My legs felt like cinder blocks. 

The real deal was that since I started working, my weekday running had been put on the back burner.  Along with sleep.  And real nutrition. 

So I learned from the crapfest run that I needed to get my crap together (again) and get in some weekday runs, get some sleep (Benedryl does wonders), and eat something other than government cheese and chicken nuggets.   And so I did. 

Apparently that worked, because the run on Saturday was...amazing.

Everything about that run rocked.
It was breezy.
It was cool.
I felt energetic.
My legs were stronger than ever.

And so for 13.22 miles...we ran. 

At about 6 miles, I looked over the prairie and thought, "oh my gosh,!" I was so thankful to be able to experience this whole thing.  I hit such an incredible, amazing runner's high, I had to take a picture of the moment.  It felt SO good. 
 Runner's High In the Prairie
And we just kept on running! 

It was a big deal, a ceiling breaker kind of morning.  I got to experience the best run ever with my running partner, who shattered her previous mileage records.  A year ago she couldn't run a whole minute, and on Saturday she ran 13.22 miles!  And Isla...logged her first half-marathon since escaping the womb!  I've never pushed her in the stroller past 11 miles...but on Saturday, we did it! 
Super Girls!  Their first 13.1!