Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This came up on my Facebook newsfeed this week and it has really hit me.  Hard.

For some reason, I am really rolling this around in my head, again, and again.

Right now, I am "interested" in my own running and it shows.

Since I started coaching more and working more, my own training has gone from "OMG, AMAZING, I'm actually sticking with a plan" to...."I'll run a few miles on Tuesday and Saturday because I get paid to".

I'm not at all committed to myself.

Plan?  What's that?  Excuses, I got tons of 'em:  I'm sore, I'm tired, Kids need me, I'm too busy, I have to work.

I am a running coach with a toolbox filled with ideas, skills, and a freaking computer program, who has NO PLAN for themselves.  Wow.  Talk about a hypocrite.

So thanks to whomever I follow for posting this and kicking my ass in to gear.  Training Peaks, here I come.  I'm setting up my own training plan, and, I will recommit myself to...myself!