Friday, October 25, 2013

Runner's Feet

Full disclosure:  I've never had "pretty feet."  In fact, I've got probably the ugliest feet in the world, well, maybe my dad does, but I'm a close second.  I like to blame it on being a runner.

"Ha ha, oh yea, my ugly runner feet!"

But the truth is, my feet have always been ugly, now I just have a really good alibi, and I use it a lot.

This week in school, my students painted their hands and their feet, and we made bats for our Stellaluna unit.
 I joined in, because, really, I am a big kid.  Even though we used Tempra paint, it didn't come off despite our usage of 157 baby wipes each. 

The next day I went to school in flip flops.  Big mistake. 

Ugly runner feet with black paint residue is not something that little kids can really handle...

"Mrs. Amanda.  What's wrong with your foot?  Is it broken?"

"No, that's just a crack and the paint won't come off"

"Mrs. Amanda, your feet are cracking?  In half?"

"No, it's just like, a scrape."

"Mrs. Amanda, I think you need surgery to fix your broken feet!  It's really wrong."

"No.  It's okay.  It's just the skin."

"Mrs. Amanda.  When you go to the hospital to have your foot cut off, you will be in a wheel chair."

"They aren't going to cut off my foot.  It's not broken."

"What is WRONG with your FOOT?"

"It's just UGLY RUNNER'S FEET!  Get back to work!"