Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Coach is 3 Years Old

Everything I need to know about running, I'm learning from my kiddo, Isla.

If you ask Isla what her favorite thing to do is, she'll tell you, "Go Running." If she's asked why she loves running so much she'll tell you, "Because it's so much fun."

Every day after dinner, Isla asks to take her dog for a run.  Running to Isla is fun.  It's a kind of freedom, a way to play.  She doesn't beg to run because it's in her training plan or because she feels the need to burn off a cupcake.  She wants to run because it feels so freaking good.

Because I'm simply in the base building phase of my training, the playful approach works for me.  I don't *need* specific miles or days or times or paces.  I just need to get my ass off the couch and run.  So I'm learning that it's important to run when you want, and it's okay to stop and say hi to the long horns in the middle of your workout.  Right now, it's about bringing the fun back into the run.

To celebrate her running love, she wanted to run her first 5K.  She was firm in not wanting to bring the stroller, and stated that she wanted to RUN the whole thing herself.  And that's what she did!

Approaching the finish....where the stadium was clapping and she was getting high 5's...

 It was a totally awesome experience to run a 5K with my kiddo and not be obsessed with my time.  It was F U N!  And, I gotta say, my kid kinda rocked.  49 minute 5K for a 3 year old ain't too bad!