Saturday, June 14, 2008


My kids love summer popsicles.  While they'd prefer I just pour juice into the makers and call it done, I like to experiment with new things.

Isla's favorite popsicle is Organic Mango Pear.  This is not an easy popcicle to make because Mangoes are a pain in the ass to prepare. 

First, peel and slice an organic pear.  The overripe extra juicy ones are the best!  Microwave for a few minutes (I typically watch it, when the juices start to boil, it's done).  Put aside.
Next, slice a mango and scoop out the "meat" as best you can, placing it into a blender (or, the most amazing product ever, the Ninja!).  You can then squeeze the core of the mango, into the blender, and get additional juices out of it. 
Add pears to blender.
Blend until smooth.
Put mixture into popcicle molds.  Freeze over night.

Organic Blueberry and Apple
Peel, core, slice organic apples.  Microwave for  5 minutes.   Microwave frozen organic blueberries for 4 minutes.  Blend together until smooth.  Warning...blueberries, as delicious as they are, STAIN!

Mango, Apple, and Spinach
Prepare mango and apple as above. 
Microwave a handful of fresh organic spinach for 4 minutes.  Blend. Add mango and apple. 
This is a great way to sneak spinach into finicky eaters.

Right now Target has popsicle makers in their $1 aisle.  I love these for the big kids but for Isla, I much prefer the push pop mold I purchased at Williams Sonoma many many years ago.  They no longer have cool push pop molds, I was able to find this kit on Amazon which I think is equally cool.  

Check this out for your older kids!