Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What the.....

At approximately 8:45 last night I got the craving to go for a run.

I'm an addict, so I had to hit it.

My running clothes were in a neat little pile on my bedroom floor because I was supposed to have gone at 5:30 that a.m. but the snooze button was much more appealing. So I put my pants, bra, shirt, shoes on. Then strap on my Garmin and iPod. And suddenly....




Took me just a minute to realize that I was under attack.

By my favorite Texas resident....

The Fire Ant. I had ants in my pants...quite literally.

Imagine, many of these little things, in your (lycra) pants, your sport braS (because some of us require two), sneakers, socks, HAT. EVERY WHERE. It was not pretty. I said lots of bad words.

I quickly stripped, shook out the clothes, killed the little ones who made it out alive, and went out for a run.

Running= Sweat + Fire Ant Bites= Not such fun....