Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I wasn't going to go running today...

I have a lot to do. You know, clean, laundry, get ready for a party for 400 people tomorrow, blog. Yea, it is going to be a busy day.

But as I was making the kids lunches and packing their bags, I saw you sitting on the counter...looking lonely...
You looked sad when I told you that I was giving you the day off. And I was sad for the idea of leaving you behind.

Then I went into the bathroom to get dressed for the morning. And I saw you...
Just hanging there...looking so depressed. And I looked at you and thought of all our good times together. And how good you feel on my head. Then, I just couldn't resist you. I had to put you on. But you and I are nothing with out the other two. So I made the decision to go out for a little run.
And we all got good and sweaty together. It felt so good, didn't it?

Although, someone didn't like it too much, and was a bit of a party pooper (Yo, Knee, what's up with that? You've been on your best behavior for so long!). Look at Dr. Gizzmo!

The point of my being a big nerd this morning...what's your trigger object? Clearly my iPod and Garmin make me think of running and my Nasty Pink Hat is irresistable.

So...what's your object that triggers you to exercise? Figure that out. It could be a song. Your sneakers. A favorite gym shirt. Whatever it is...utilize that to your advantage.