Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kick it in the butt THURSDAY

I had a little visit with my doctor today, where I got weighed. Raise your hand if you LOVE getting weighed at the doctor's office! WhooHoo!

I am officially back on track from before this summer's travels. Vacation Pudge GONE. Take that Matt Damon.

Not bad for someone who hasn't been running consistently. Hey, whoever turned the heat on full blast in Texas, could you knock it off. Thankyouverymuch.

And now, for some added fun, said doctor informed me that I've got an ulcer (yea, no joke, Motrin in high doses for a back problem is apparently NOT recommended), which has severely limited my diet. Who wants lots of protein when your stomach feels like turning inside out?

That's okay, we'll work with it, won't we little purple pill?

My goals:

10K in September
13K in October
8 Mile in November
Be down 20+ pounds for the 1/2 Marathon in December.

For what it's worth, I don't run my races to be timed. I know that I will never win, let alone place in my age group (it's far too competitive, now that I'm in that higher bracket). I race to keep myself accountable. I sign up, and pay my fee, so that it keeps me training. If I hadn't paid a $75 entry fee for that race at Disney, what's my motivation to train my butt off in August and September and October? Because I will finish the race, and I will run the whole time. Unless I've broken a bone. I have too much damn pride to walk or quit.

Sure, I also get a cool shirt, radical bib, and a nifty little goodie bag. And they are fun. But that shirt is simply a reminder of what I've become and how I've changed over the last year.

Now: Go be awesome.