Thursday, October 30, 2008

Disney's Tower of Terror Race

Last weekend we had the awesome opportunity to go back to Disney World. For a full report on the Mathers' Disney Adventure, click Here.

This time, we went back all because of me (okay, maybe not, but I can think that, right?). On October 25th, Disney sponsored the Tower of Terror 13 K that I had talked about previously. And...I did it!

I think that this race proved that, despite my complete and utter total HALTING of the weight loss, I am probably in far better physical condition than I imagined. We drove all night on Wednesday...leaving Texas at 3:30 (after I worked all day!) and didn't get in to Orlando until around 11 the next morning. Yea, that crazy husband drove straight through. We then spent all day Friday and Saturday walking the parks. And finally, at 8 p.m. Saturday night, I left for the race.

It should come as no surprise that Disney sure does know how to throw a party! Whew!
We enter the Hollywood Studios parking lot to enter what they had staged as the Hollywood Hotel. We had to sign the Hotel Registry...a huge poster of a thing!

We were given "keys", temporary tattoos, and our "luggage" (my backpack of post-race gear!) was stowed.

At the start line, where they had the pace groups set up, there was a huge stage, a large screen, a DJ, and a few "hosts". The hosts, dressed up in Hollywood Hotel-esque garb were walking around interviewing racers, shown on a large screen. The music that was played was awesome...especially since lots of my favorite Michael Jackson tunes were played! It was all very motivating and exhilarating!

Finally, at 10 p.m., the gun sounded and we were OFF! Even though the whole route was loaded with characters dressed in Twilight Zone type costumes and lots of DJs playing great music and cheering us on, the first 4 miles were terrible. I kept thinking, "I hate running. Why the hell did this sound like fun?" But I was also running at a faster pace than what I train at.
Finally, after mile 4, when we ran through a stadium that was loaded with speakers blaring out cheers for us, I was in the zone. By mile 6 I was literally SMILING and LAUGHING I was having so much fun. And rest of the race was throughout the Hollywood Studios park, loaded with people, other runners, and lots of music. It was a fantastic ending.

My official time was 1:29. Not bad for my first race that was over 10K.

When we crossed the finish line we got an awesome medal and a little goody bag of snacks. Then, the park (formerly the MGM) was ours. I was off and riding Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster within a half our of my finish. What a night!

I am now hoping that I can train and finish the First ever Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon in March...this medal is a Tiara!