Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Headed to Another Half

I type this entry from the front passenger seat of a rental mini van...Scott's the taxi driver to Disney!

Yes those crazy Mathers are headed to Disney AGAIN so that Mom can run her ass off again!

I am so excited about running the Disney Princess Half Marathon with one of my oldest friends. Amanda and I have been pals since AT LEAST 2nd grade! While she's been a life long runner and has run halfs and eve Full Marathons before, she recently gave birth to her first baby! So this will be a Jump Back In The Saddle experience for her!

Before White Rock I was a nervous wreck. This time- I'm excited! I can't wait for my run! I plan to take this one real nice and easy and enjoy the scenery- running 13.1 miles through all the parks, seeing some of the behind the scene things you typically aren't allowed to see...and after I cross the finish line...a tiara!