Friday, March 13, 2009

I guess this makes me a Princess now...

Amanda and Amanda (aka Puddles and Deduct)
before the race...

On Sunday I ran my second half marathon, this time at Disney. This time with my friend Amanda. Amanda's been running she...well forever...and has done plenty of marathons and half. But because she'd recently had a baby, hanging back with her slow friend was okay with her!

This race was F-U-N!

At least ever mile there was entertainment: Princesses and Princes, Marching Band Drummer drumming and cheering us on, DJs, etc. I was stoked because I felt really well up till mile 12. Huge improvement over White Rock. Mile 12-Mile 13.25 was quite a struggle and I'm thankful that Amanda was with me and dragged me in.

The coolest we were nearing the finish line they announced us coming in! "About to cross the finish line is Amanda Phillips and Amanda Driscoll...." Soooo cool.

Amanda is now trying to convince me to train for a full marathon. I'm thinking I may want to....nonetheless...we decided that we must do more of these races together...just too much fun NOT to!

Puddles and Deduct post race!