Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gettin' Better....

After a week of not feeling good, I decided to squeeze my long run in on Friday night. My kids had a big birthday party that kept them busy for a few hours, and, unlike a normal mom who may use that time to clean, cook, shop, go to the spa, or sleep, I was an idiot who went for a 13.5 mile run.

Hey, gotta go when I can go.

Anyway, I was worried since I hadn't run in a week, but it didn't take long before my body said, loud and clear, "This is what you've been working so hard for...." I really felt training paying off. It was a very very lovely long run. A truly enjoyable 13.5 miles.

I now feel as if the marathon is really within reach. As long as I take REALLY good care of my knee, which has become problematic again, I should be good to go.

I am lucky to be motivated by my BFF who will be running her first post-baby marathon this Saturday (GO PUDDLES!) and My Running Buddy who is 4 weeks ahead of me and running 17 mile Saturdays. GO MARCY!

Thanks for inspiring me!