Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Still Running

Last week was quite an interesting week.

I was really short on time so I wasn't able to do a Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4, Thursday 3. It looked more like Monday 3.5, Tuesday 2, Wednesday 2, Thursday 4. And I am telling you that on Thursday, my body felt as if it was falling apart. I ran home from work and was pretty sure that on my way back in the next morning I'd find pieces of myself scattered along the roadside.
I couldnt' breathe. My shins hurt. BAD (and my shins NEVER hurt!). My IT Band flared. I was miserable. I wanted to never run again.

But I planned out my Saturday morning to allow for a nice long slow run. Which is just what I did.

13.1 miles of heaven.

When I got back my knee was stiff and my IT Band sore, but I felt pretty good. Much better than I did after the last time I ran 13.1 miles, which was in March. I think it's a sign that probably my body is finally getting ready, getting used to the miles.

Although, this week I've probably botched the whole thing up.

I went and got sick.

Because it is an asthma/pneumo/bronchitis thing and because it's so darn humid here in Texas this week, and I have a race in Florida next week, I've opted not to screw around with it and have taken these last two days off. I plan to attempt a short one or two mile run tomorrow, to see how the old lungs are doing, and if that works well, I'll do 12 to 13 miles on Saturday.

Whew.....I can't wait til January 10th.