Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hurts So Good...Come on Baby....

I'm all signed up and ready to go. First half, post baby, is in just a few weeks.
While I'm not 100% ready like I've been for past races, I know it'll go just fine. It'll hurt. But it'll hurt so good.

Isla and I went for a run this morning and I've noticed that having a baby has somehow made me a stronger runner. I am running faster, for longer lengths of time. Hey, I'm still no Paula Radcliffe, but I intend to shave a good amount of time off my next marathon, and I think it'll happen.

When I'm running I'm who I really am.

I know that sounds sort of stupid, but it was one of my light bulb moments today. When I'm in the house, I'm food source, comfort giver, food preparer, waitress, maid, college student, maid, volunteer, advocate, PTA, etc. All of those things pull me in 15 different directions. Though when I'm out on the road, it's just me. Alone (okay, Isla is in the jogger, so I'm not really alone...). But how I feel, running, that's the true me. I wish I could feel that way more often when I'm home...