Thursday, November 11, 2010

Speed Work=Hard Work

I've never been one to LOVE speed work. Actually I've always hated it and rebelled against it. However, in my journey to kill my marathon time, I've decided it's sort of like a PAP Smear. It sucks. It's no fun. But it's necessary.

Since I've returned to running post-baby I've done a lot more speed work. This is mainly because my endurance has sucked until recently. The way I figure it, if you're going to run 15 miles/week versus 30 miles/week you better make it twice as fast. So at least once a week I do a good, hard, speed work out.

Today was speed work day for this week. It's actually getting easier (read: 1% less suckish) to do this. I've also noticed that I believe it's helping my endurance and it's making my overall run time somewhat faster.

While I'm still not a huge Speed Work Fan, I now believe it's a necessary evil of training and will make me a stronger runner overall. Isla, on the other hand, likes speed work day. It's sort of like a roller coaster ride for her!