Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let's Celebrate Insanity!

Yesterday was National Running Day!  Yes, it's official, they now have a holiday for everything.  Perhaps Hallmark should really get into it and start selling cards.  But I digress.  National Running Day is designed to get people off the couch and into the streets, moving.  And that is exactly what it did for me yesterday.  After approximately 10 hours of sleep in the last two weeks (I love being back in college), I found myself with negative energy.  In fact, I was quite content laying in my back yard catching some rays.

But beacause it was, after all, National Running day, and I was bribed with baby-care, I got up, got my shoes on, and grabbed the iPod.

Now, it's June.  And it's Texas.  Which means it hot.  Really freakin' hot.  And this genius decided to run at 7 p.m.  While it may cool down in the North at 7 p.m., here in Texas it just keeps gettin' hotter.  By the time my ass was out, it was well into the 90's.
 It was so hot that during my stretches, I seriously reconsidered even GOING out there to run. 

This guy sat in my front yard looking at me like I needed to be committed for being out there....
But...I went and ran in 1000 degree heat.  Without water.  'Cuz I'm a genius like that.  But I did have an awesome 3 miler followed by some speed work.  I finished feeling A-hhhh-Mazing. 

Sweat my ass off, so I hit up the pool. 
Then treated myself to my most favoritest post-run treat evah. 

Soy Protein Almond Milk Spinach Shake.  Y-U-M!
Cuz, folks, post run you must remember your protein!  

15 Miles til shoulder surgery....!