Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Family Rocks the Road

I swear there are more runners in my family...

My dad, being a running-nut for my entire childhood, is really what inspired me to start.  I remember how it mellowed him out and greatly improved his mood, erasing stress from his body and face.  It was always something I envied of him.  And I know that it is he, who inspired several of my cousins to begin running....and then me....and the movement keeps going.

This weekend while I bombed a 5K, my brother and sister Rock'n Rolled in a half.  It was my brother's first half.  Not only did he run it, untrained, he totally kicked it's ass.  His wife came in at an impressive time, as well.  I am so proud of these two.  P would never have considered running a half a few years ago!  

I am so excited that this family movement has continued to spread.  Checking Facebook is always fun.  One cousin perhaps has checked in with iRun, another recently signed up for a half, another is doing her first full.    It's very motivational to be "surrounded" by so many people who oppose sedentary life as much as I do.  Perhaps insanity is genetic?

 My family is cooler than yours.  Na na na na na boo boo.  Just kidding.  Not really. 

But I was excited to read today that we've got an even NEWER member to the running society.  My little cousin (you'll always be my little cousin, even thought you've got 8" on me) has officially signed up for her first 5K!  I am so proud of her, especially since she has decided to run for a cause.   I salute her because she recently had baby #2 and, like me, feels the need to stay active to keep up with her kids.

I hope the family keeps running and it continues to spread downward to our children.  My biggest wish for my children is that they can discover something that ignites their passion and inspires them to be healthy such as running.  People have asked me if I'd be disappointed if Isla grew up to be a non runner.  Since she has already joined me for so many miles...don't I just expect her to run.  And the answer is, "of course!"  It's in her blood, her dna, her make up.  She damn well better run!  But if she chooses not, I just hope she participates in some sort of outlet that makes her as happy as I was when I ran with her in me.