Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Parenthood...good thing it's funny sometimes.

It's been a...challenging....3 weeks in the Parent 'hood.

I've dealt  Med changes.  Croup.  Illness.  Big time boo boos.  School struggles.  Another sick one.  Teething.  School projects.  LD evals.  ARD meetings.  And the list goes on. 

But there's been laughs in between. 

My favorite one so far comes from Isla.
She's so much like her brother in a lot of ways, but the biggest being she LOVES stuffed animals.  I mean...LOVES.  The kid has what I would consider the entire San Diego Zoo living in her bedroom.  Here's just a small portion of them:

If Isla had it her way, she'd have 973 animals in her crib.  But since the American Academy of Pediatrics, CDC, and Paranoid Mother's Association frown upon it, I limit her bed animals to like, 20.  Except during certain parts of the day, when she likes to get in her bed and have me bury her in animals.  Weird kid.

Yesterday she's playing "Let's make a stuffed animal-snow angel" while I put animals in her bed.   Of course, I have to tell her the name of each animal before we put it in.  She's a border collie like that.  We get to...the orangish guy in the middle, there.

"Dat?"  Isla asks.

"Pooh!" I say.

"Nooooo!  Noooo!  Ick!  Bleck!"  She screams while shaking her head.

Then she does sign for potty, which is how she notifies me of a soiled diaper. 

"Isla, you don't want Pooh in your crib?" 

"No!  NO!"  And more potty signing.

Okay, I got the message. She thinks Pooh is Poo.  Bummer, I think he's kind of cute. 

Last night was a little different, though.  We went in to her room to make her bed and get ready for bed.  We have to arrange the animals "just so." 

To my surprise, Isla grabbed Pooh out of the basket, to put in her bed.  As she's handing him to me, she tells me his name. 

"Pee Pee."

Yup, she's a genius.