Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Running Saves My Sanity

The last month plus has seen it's fair share of stress.  As I've talked about in previous blogs, life on the parenting front has posed quite the challenge.  Things seem really great for a while, then boom.  Then things are good, and boom. Rarely in the life of a special needs parent is life awesome 24/7.

Okay, reality check.

Rarely in the life of any parent is life awesome 24/7.

As if it is the cherry sitting on top of the whip cream, I'm in my last class.  Historical Literature.  Go ahead and groan, I did. 

But...amidst it all, there was running.  Thank God for running.  To be quite honest, running has saved my ass in the last 6 weeks.  Even when I'm tired/cranky/stressed, running is there to bail me out of a funk. 

I began this morning feeling worried about the fact that oldest kid hadn't done a project and was, very likely, going to get a 0 for it.  The angst began to build up inside of me until the magic 9:30 hour hit and my runner friends showed up.  As soon as my feet hit the pavement, I felt good.  I felt calm.  I was able to clearly put together a plan.  And once that plan was in place, and I was running...and running...I looked down at my watch and noticed my pace.

Holy shit.

I felt incredible.  And I was flying (comparably speaking to where I was 3 months ago).

At that point it hit me...

Yea...the parenting aspect of my life has been rocky lately.  It's generated a fair amount of stress.  But the other 75% of things are pretty freaking awesome.  This week, alone...was...well....pretty splendid.

*I got into my graduate program of choice!!!!
Sure, I sweat bullets over the application, as I hadn't written a curriculum vitae in years.  But when I got my acceptance letter, I cried a little bit.  I'm so so so so so excited about this.  It puts me 20 months away from my DREAM career. 

*Quinn scored in her soccer game...and I got to see it! 
She has a bad habit of scoring when either I'm not at the game or chasing Isla up the sidelines.

*And...on Leap Day...the most amazingist thing of all happened...
 I became an AUNTIE!  I have a niece.  And she's amazing.  I am so in love with her.

So there...the glass isn't half empty.  It's 3/4 of the way full.  And thanks to my healthy addiction habit and good runner friends I was able to see that!