Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Getting a Grip Again

Being a full time college student and, at the same time, mom, taxi driver, chef, advocate... was pretty much a drain on my entire system.  I really feel like since I'd gone back to school, my "grip" had loosened.

I was running just...because I had to.
I was eating...whatever was convienent.
I was barely sleeping.
I had minimal time for fun.

When I finally graduated, I looked around and said, "Wow.  It's really time to get a GRIP again."
(And quickly, before Grad school starts in a few months!)

Every weeknight consisted of getting my own homework done, helping the AD/HD kids with their homework, running one kid off to soccer, and attending a PTA meeting at another campus, and cooking dinner for the kids, all between the hours of 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.   My focus was shifted.

But because I was running 3-4 short runs per week with some fast ladies, I thought everything was "okay."  I was getting faster, feeling stronger, the reality of the situation was being camoflauged.  "Hey, I can run, and I can run pretty damn good, I'm fine!"

The deal is, I've been drinking way too much caffeine and eating way too many carbs.  I haven't been sleeping enough.  Hadn't made it to the chiropractor.  I'd given up on long runs.  I wasn't having enough fun.

So here I am, in a position where I've set some new personal course PRs, but feeling like a piece of the puzzle is missing.

Here we go...Get a Grip Round 2 in effect!

Thanks to one of my Couch 2 5K group girls' desire to push herself even further, I've gotten back into the weekend long run.  For the last two Saturdays I have been treated to the most amazingly blissful, euphoric long runs!

Now, I'm trying to work on the carb thing.  As a "wannabe" distance runner, that's my biggest struggle to balance the carbs I *need* versus the carbs I *want*.  This will be my biggest struggle in my attempt to "get another grip" but I need to.
 Maybe Ryan can help...

I'm finding myself in a whole new level of commitment to want to see exactly what I'm capable of.  Whereas I once thought I'd never be able to run an ultra, or a sub 2 hour half, now my mindset is, "Hmm...let's see if I can do this..."  But I know I can't eating how I eat now. It'll be an ongoing effort.

As far as fun...

Two summer concerts down...few more to go!  

Grip...will be gotten...this summer.]