Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Finally Ran a New York!

Growing up in New York, I always wanted to be a runner.  But I was lazy.  Even as a kid I never managed to get my crap together enough to train for a 5k.  So I'd stand at the sidelines of my dad's races cheering him on, feeling as if I was really missing out.

Since I started running a few years ago, I'd been wanting to do a race at home.  Because the times of NY races never meshed with when I was home, I hadn't been able to do one, until this year.

This year, the timing was perfect.  I'd been chatting with a friend from high school who was also new-ish to the running game.  He'd been wanting to do a race this summer, too.  So together, we found a small, but quasi-challenging 5k to do in the area.

I was excited that I'd get to finally run a race here in NY!

It was a very H O T and H I L L Y 5k!  Years of running the flat roads of Texas have made me sort of a lame-o.  But the course was beautiful, full of lush greens and pretty scenery.  

It was definitely the most challenging 5k course I've ever ran, thanks to the big hills.  So there was no PR that day, but considering the 90+ degree heat and my wimpy hill skills, my time wasn't terrible.  I'll take a 32 minute time on a super challenging course!