Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One Of My Dreams Came True

Though she is only two, my baby is a runner.

Isla asking to "Go for a run in Bob" isn't new. She's been doing that for...well...as long as she's been able to say "Run...Bob" but this week we hit a new high.

SHE wanted to go running.

Shortly before dinner time she was racing from room to room. She then said, "Mommy, want to go running"

I almost peed I was so excited!

I dressed her and put on her fabulous running shoes and we headed to the greenway. As soon as we got to the trail, she started jogging.

The best part was the smile on her face and the pure joy in the laughter she created as she ran. Her arms were flailing, her feet barely able to keep up with her body, but she kept moving! She LOVED running. It was the happiest sight I have seen!

She ran for 13 straight minutes. Then needed to stop for a potty break (she's a real runner...!) and hit it again!

She's asked to go out again a few more times, which is pretty much awesome by me!