Saturday, July 14, 2012

Into the Wild!

After recouping from our cross-country travels, we headed off for another journey.  This one took us deep into the wild for a few days.

It'd been ages since I had been treated to a trip to the Adirondacks, and I was eager to show the kids how amazing of a place it is.  Having lived in Texas for the last umpteen years, they are used to flat.  Brown.  Dry. 

The Adirondacks is anything but.

Within a few moments of arriving their moods shifted.  The kids fell in love with the beauty of the mountains within a few hours.  It's amazing how their mood shifted as they became relaxed and one with nature.

While the whole trip was really awesome, the highlights included:

Trail running
I'm a fuddy duddy and stick to the pavement.  Running through the mountains on dirt roads and muddy trails was FUN but really challenging! 

Love to kayak as much as I love to run.  Maybe more.  It's so tranquil.
We had the pleasure to paddle at dusk and were treated to a very close encounter with the lake's loon!

 Being completely inspired by my kid
Seeing my daughter swim across the heavily currented Raquette river made me realize what an awesome athletic being she is.  I despise swimming.  So when I watched her climb out of the river, on the other side, I was completely overcome with pride.

From this same river we saw a spectacular assortment of trout, Brown Trout and the beautiful Rainbow Trout.  

Hiking at Dusk
Watching the sun set over the mountains and lake was one of the most spectacular experiences of my life.  I felt so "grounded". 

I really don't know if I can wait another whole year to go back....