Monday, April 8, 2013

Music bridges the gap

A few weeks ago I had the coolest night ever.  My kid.  A rock star.  Some awesome friends.  And the bridge between generations was gapped. 

I am at the point in my life where the music I prefer isn't always the music that my children prefer.  Listen, I still think I'm a pretty cool mom.  I do like 90% of the music that comes on KISS FM.  Most of Quinn's favorite songs are songs that play on my running list, because it's loud, moving noise.  Rhianna, you're awesome.  However, when push comes to shove, and she wants to hear Thrift Shop one more, I'd rather stick a screw driver in my ear. 

I've tried to introduce the big kids to some classics.  Some legends.  And it goes like this:

"Guys, seriously, you'd LOVE U2.  They are AMAZING!  Try it!"
One Love....
"Moooooom!  That's LAME!  Turn it back to Taylor Swift!"

"Oh my gosh, REM, you know, I saw them live in Niagara Falls in 199...."
"Mom, only OLD people listen to this!!!!  Turn this crap off"
While I was thankful we can all rock out and dance like no one's business to P!nk together, I longed to have something that we LOOOVED together.  Something that we all...GET. 

In comes....

Yes.  The ultimate in Mom Happiness...Teen Happiness...Awesomeness.  
My kids LOVE Maroon 5.  My son thinks Adam is awesome because he, too has AD/HD.  My daughter thinks Adam's lyrics are "so incredibly moving!  he so gets me!' her mother...that Adam is "totally hot."

So thank you, Adam Levine, and Maroon 5.  You've helped bridge this generation gap.  No longer is Mom trying hard to "get" the music of the ME Generation.  No longer are my teens thinking I'm a loser because my music is for old people.  Because of Maroon 5...we share a common language.  

And thanks to my daughter's MOST amazing boy friend...we were able to enjoy the loveliness that is Mr. Adam Levine...up close & personal!  

 Someone should tell Adam that shirts are optional in Dallas.  We'd all understand.  The AAC is hot. 

 Q was a little excited that "Daylight" was going to happen...very soon.