Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chia...the seeds...not the pets

I am the first to admit that I'm a major sucker for every new healthy food fads that comes across my desk.

For example- when the big deal was no more plastic water bottles, because plastic water bottles caused cancer, we stopped buying cases of bottled water.  We started filtering our own and stocked up on glassware.

When the big deal was no more soy, because soy gives you cancer we stopped buying soy and switched to almond milk.

When the big deal was that almond milk has carrageenan  and that gives you cancer, we switched to coconut milk.

Similarly, when everyone was all about the Flax, we added Flax to our pancakes, muffins, cookies, and protein shakes.  Quinoa?  Last summer's brilliant food innovation, we ate that for breakfast and dinner. 

So this year the buzz amongst endurance athletes has been all about the Chia seeds.

"Oh eat the chia seeds before your run, they'll help!"
"I don't use Gu anymore!  I just bring Chia."

And I'm all in....the PETS?

Of course, I had to check this out, because I'm all about sparkly new things.   I hit up the Whole Foods and grabbed a big scoop of the black buggers from the bulk bin.   I wasn't really sure, do we eat them...raw?  Like?  A handful of yumminess?  Do I put them in my shake?  I'm confused.

Not surprisingly, I got ambitious (read:  didn't feel like taking the time to google or pinterest "how to eat chia seeds") and threw a handful of them in my mouth...

 Chia Seeds too...

Anyway, I liked them and started adding them to my pre-run vegan shake every morning.  I felt like they were helping, I was able to crank out my 8 and 10 mile runs without needing any Gu/Stingers, and felt better over all.

When a friend came over, I was telling her all about my love of the Chia seeds, and, when she questioned whether I was licking a terra cotta critter I purchased from Walgreens or (Mart, your choice), I broke out my fancy bag and showed her...she burst into laughter...

"Amanda...that's bird're eating BIRD SEED."

Some people just don't get my desire to be healthy.....
Seriously, they work.  I like them.