Monday, September 30, 2013

Just Keep Swimming....!

I have a shocking confession....

I've been swimming...and I LIKE it. 

No, I mean I REALLY like it.

In March I started swimming a little bit because I *had* to, in order to be able to pass a life guarding test.  I hated it.  It wasn't fun.  I complained the whole time, and thought I was going to die with each lap.  Certainly it helped my running, but I was only swimming in order to get through a test.

However, I had my first and second swimming lesson and now, I am enjoying swimming.  Dare I say, I feel like I'm becoming a ... swimmer!

Swimming really and truly is all about breathing.  Especially for a runner who already has pretty decent athletic ability, it's a matter of changing your breathing patterns and learning some certain skills.  So thanks to a fantastic swim instructor and a motivational friend, I'm swimming!  And I totally like it.

Now, whether I can actually survive swimming in a lake without going in to a total panic attack...that's another story!