"Why should I hire a run coach?"
There's a runner inside of us all, but finding them can be hard.  Running can be intimidating and overwhelming.  

The job of a run coach is to educate you, support you, and help you reach your goals.  Your run coach will work with you to develop a set of goals that are both realistic and achievable.  An RRCA Run Coach has the experience, knowledge, and skill set to develop the training program needed to help you reach your goal. Your run coach knows when it's time to push you harder, or pull you back in order to prevent injury.  A Run Coach will keep you accountable and make sure that you're completing your workouts, and sticking to your training plan. 

As a run coach, I want all of my clients to succeed and I believe in each and every one of them.  I am committed to seeing my clients meet their goals and I am there to help coach them through every step of the way, whether it's talking you through a bad run, or reminding you that, YES you CAN do it.   I offer my clients a great deal of motivation, support, and a little bit of positive reinforcement. I develop individualized, comprehensive training plans for my clients. 

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