Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guess this means I better get going....

So the DH ("Dear" Husband, the dear part being used in the utmost sarcastic fashion I can gather) sends me an e-mail today. Well, it didn't even come from him. I open my inbox and find, from this: "REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION FOR TOWER OF TERROR 13K".

Uh. Okay.

We'd discussed me running this race. Because it's in Orlando, right in the Disney Studios Park, and because we have the Disney Vacation Membership, and because it's right near Halloween, we'd said it'd be fun. Yea! Fun! But he's been living in LA, so we haven't talked much in the last few months. So I thought for sure it was a forgotten deal. For sure he'd be traveling, or still living in LA or, a million other things. So I'd put it out of my head. Thinking I can take it easy with my training. "Heck, the next race I have is only an 8 miler on Thanksgiving. I got tiiiiiiiiiiiime."

Guess not.

So...hardcore training here I come. In 100 degree heat. Yea! Fun!