Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What happens in VEGAS....

Sunday marked the end of an era, I've been married 7 years.

I don't know that the era was, it just sounds fancy.

Anyway, to "celebrate" our anniversary the husband booked a fabulous trip out west. Fabulous in his words. Yea.

There were good points in my trip. The highlight was I flew out to San Diego and got to meet the girl I hope will soon be my sister-in-law. We had such a fun weekend together, and it was just good to meet someone whom I've heard so much great stuff about. We spent Friday night bar hopping in Old City San Diego and on Saturday we were insane enough to go to Sea World, with everyone else in the city. A good time was had by all.

Me, having fun in San Diego!

On Sunday morning my dear husband woke me at 5:30 a.m. to say "Happy Anniversary! Let's Go!". Uh, honey, this is vacation. But my husband doesn't vacate very well (unless he's at home....and it's a Sunday...then he's....vacant). So we departed on our drive to Vegas.

I've never been to Vegas before, and well. It. Was. Interesting.

First, we get there and our hotel room wasn't ready. No biggie, we were prepared! We had on our swimsuits! So, by the pool we "hung". Finally we get the call that the room was ready. "Honey! I got us a special upgrade! Wait till you see the room!"

Up we go. Slide the key into the reader, open the door and step into our suite....which....was.....a....mess. Room service trays, dirty towels, unmade bed. Oh lovely. I was half expecting someone to be sitting on the toilet, so I didn't even enter the bathroom.

Husband calls to talk to the manager, he gets the room gets cleaned while we wait in the hallway, and finally. I CAN RELAX! We took our showers, and climb into bed to take a nap before our big night on the town. With in a few minutes husband is sleeping, and I hear what sounds like a key entering our door. For 30 seconds I thought "how sweet! he's having champagne sent to the room". Until I hear giggling and laughing, and look up to see people coming around the corner of our suite.


And stares at me for long enough to freak me out. Then they turn and walk out. Thankfully I had my clothes on. Can you IMAGINE? Coulda killed the poor guy from fright!

Oh boy, was I PISSED. Called down to the front desk and talk to a manager who tells me that they'd had a computer glitch the night before. Uh..GLITCH? I was shaking, so mad. I gave him a what for, and expected him to say...SOMETHING. I don't know what. But that was my introduction to Vegas and it set the tone for the trip.

It wasn't really my cup of tea. We saw a great show. We made $40 on penny slots. Had some good pizza. And now I can say I've been to Vegas. And actually survived....!

Dummy that I am, I left my camera home, so I bought a cheapo disposable. will be delayed but...coming.