Monday, May 9, 2011


I have sincerely slacked on my training runs.  In my defense, I feel as if I have nothing to really train for.  This is the season of the 5k.  I get suckered into running the "beer run" and the charity run, and the Komen 5K.  You know, the easy peasy, no big deal things.  Because of this fact, my mind has been slipping.  Without the stability and outlet of a well designed training plan, I tend to wander off into la la land and become easily distracted.  And frustrated.  And bored. 

However, in my defense...I have legitimately been a little busy dealing with

yes, Mom, I do live in a barn...see...!

Yes, the renovations have taken their toll.  But now, as they finish up and I regain my home,  I realize that I can not be without a set training plan, and admit defeat.

I have officially begun to race shop.  What fall half marathons and winter full marathons should I do?  Hmmm...isn't it time for an ultra?  Do I have time to train for an ultra?  I've got a few weeks to decide....because come June...comes Marathon training season.  Whoohoo!