Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm too old for this.

Really, after 1,413 miles, what's another 891?  No, not in running.  In driving. 

After resting and relaxing in beautiful New York State for a week, we headed out for our next adventure.  I loaded up the kids, The Bob, and of course tossed in my running shoes...because you just never know.   

We headed out for our first stop and enjoyed time with grandparents.  Spending time with family and loved ones helps to put a great, new perspective on things.  Grandparents love children, and children love grandparents.  Watching the bond between those generations is heart warming.  Following a good night's sleep (at least 2/3 children slept...), a stiff cup of coffee, and some famous home cooked breakfast, we headed out for the next leg.  A tour of history, to remember where it all began.  

And then....what I've been waiting for.  
How can you not love life at the beach?  Okay, sand everywhere, loads of work hauling 7,000 pounds of kid gear from the car, but, well well worth it for the few moments of bliss.
Feet...buried in sand.  Warm.  Happy!

Someone's first walk in the surf...she wasn't afraid, wasn't timid, was ready to dive right in.  Perhaps our family has another surfer on our hands...

A blissful nights sleep (again, for 2/3 of the kids), and we headed back out again.  

This part of my Eat Run Drink journey was really more about getting the kids grounded.  Helping them remember their roots.   The only Drinking that was done on this drip was done from a white and green paper cup.  While it was much work, the payoff was worth it.  Greeting me on the other side of this journey was a beautiful, chilled bottle of Harmony from Inspire Moore. 

We've got a few days of down time before the next great New York State Adventure, where there will be much Eating (fresh fish!), Drinking (NYS WINE!), and Running (in Amish Country!).  Perhaps served with a side of Paddling (!?!?!).