Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy New Year!

For those of us in Texas, today the real new year began.  It was...The First Day of School.

I had forgotten how much I loathe waking and dressing the children, getting them out the door so that we don't reeive the dreaded Tardy slip.  It was even more fun, this year, with a mobile Isla, who demanded to nosh on Fruit Loops (gross!) right alongside her brother and sister this morning.  Yet, we made it.

After dropping The Middle One off at the 4th grade, we headed over to The New School.  Yes, it was our first day of Middle School for the Oldest.  Having a kid in middle school is interesting.  It's such a socially awkward time for them.  Developmentally, kids at this age are more sensitive and fragile than any other.  The slightest word can set them off.  Therefore, I wasn't sure. 

Do Middle School Moms walk their kids to their locker on the first day? 
Do we car pool line drop off? 
Do I stealthfully walk him to the front door, quick wave, then run back to the car? 
What do Middle Schoolers want to take their lunch to school in?

I decided to let him be the guide, and do no pushing, beyond making him apply deodorant as we pulled into the parking lot (middle schoolers smell).  He said that it was okay to walk him in, so long as HE was the one carrying the baby.  We made it as far as the front office.  At which point we were told, "okay, you can go now, bye."  And didn't even get a hug, kiss, or wave.  It was...ta ta. 

I was prepared for this to be a rough day (for Isla, of course, I wouldn't shed a tear!).  After 3 months of being showered with attention and spoiled rotten, she was being left with me.  Luckily we were able to spend the morning celebrating the first day of school with other moms by swimming.  This kept her happy, until 2:30.  At which point she realized, "Uh, you're all I've got, this sucks."  Thankfully Quinn was due home in 20 minutes. 

At the end of the day the verdict is....the big kids give school two thumbs up...Isla isn't so sure yet.