Thursday, November 24, 2011


As we sit down to celebrate with our friends, family, and loved ones, I like to reflect upon all that I am thankful for...

My family.
They are amazing people.

My children.
They are healthy.  They have the most genuine, understanding, compassionate little hearts.  They are strong.  They are smart.  They make me insane.  They are love.

My job.
Even though I'm rarely home and I work a lot harder now than I did when I was being paid to work.  Even though I miss teaching.  It's worth it.  It's a gift to be able to feed Isla her breakfast, take her to Gymboree, and head out for a 10 mile nap run.  The last 16 months, watching her grow, have been a gift.

My gym membership.
There are days that, without it, I'm convinced I'd go insane.  There are days that I dread going, and come home feeling like a million bucks.  I love it.

My niece.
She's not here yet, but I am so thankful that my brother and sister are bringing someone else into our family that will make me an Aunt.

My energy level.
Yes.  I am sleep deprived.  I am tired.  All. Of. The. Time.  But so far, I have been able to defy the odds and do things like run 11 miles on an hour of sleep.  

My education
I hate school, but I love it.  I am glad I've been able to go back.

My health.
It's not something I take for granted.  At all.  I am so thankful that I am able to run.

My chiropractor.
The guy is a miracle worker.  Because of his help I've been able to run so much with very minimal pain.  Plus, he's taking my shoulder to new healing levels.

Kind Strangers.
The random families that donated a new jacket, complete with hats and mittens, to my charity coat drive.  The woman that paid for my Starbucks in Drive thru.  The woman that helped my daughter carry her luggage on the plane.  The girl that played peek-a-boo with a less than happy toddler of mine.  The man that ran across the parking lot at the gym to open the door for me.

Happy Thanksgiving!