Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mama, I'm Comin' HoooOOOoome!

My annual pilgrimage to the homeland commenced a few weeks ago, meaning that vacation time is in full mode.  This year's plans involved more travel for us and some newer experiences.

However, before heading off on some fantastic expeditions, we needed to take some time to recover from three days of traveling.  Three days.  In a car.  With three children.  Twenty-four hours of driving.  Three different hotel rooms.  That left a pretty stressed mom.

Within two hours of arriving at my parents house, I was headed out for a two and a half mile run.  Something about sitting in traffic for 7 hours that day had me feeling pretty cagey!  There's an easy course that leads me around a factory behind our house, it's flat, with the exception of one steep hill.  It trails an old railroad bed and a great big field which is framed by woodlands.  The view is spectacular during the dusk hours.

That first run got me well set for staying in shape up here in NY.  I'm looking forward to logging lots of mile here and in the rest of our North East travels!