Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Proud Coach! First 5K....Stroller 5K....Holy Hills

It is with great excitement that I get the chance to brag on my AWESOME Life Time Group Training Crew!

On Sunday my runners competed in a 5K, for 8 of my 11 runners it was their first ever 5K!  These runners started with me in May and have spent the last 8 weeks working really hard, and staying committed to themselves.  Many of them were cursing me out during their 60 second jog segments, but comfortably ran 3.1 miles STRAIGHT on Sunday!

The race was a real...challenge.  It was probably the hilliest 5K I've ever ran, so the fact that they finished that race still standing shows they have a great foundation and potential to become truly awesome runners!

I got to push Isla through the race, and it was a real treat, as I haven't raced with her in a long time.  She had a blast looking at the scenery, cheering on our friends who we saw at the race, and then, of course, the snacks at the end made her day.