Monday, August 26, 2013

And Just Like That Summer is OVER!

Whew!  What an whirlwind this summer was!  Ever year we parents sit on our doorsteps, as our kids walk off to school thinking, "This summer sure did go fast, where DOES time go?"  But this summer seemed to go faster than most.

Instead of taking my annual pilgrimage home to New York/Delaware/Philadelphia, I stayed here in Dallas and worked all summer.  I was given an opportunity to start a career with a company and I took it, diving head first into the job of Summer Camp Director.   At the same time, my coaching opportunities increased, as I became certified by RRCA and took on a new role as a national 1:1 coach.
So this summer....was crazy busy with 65+ hour work weeks and I hardly noticed how quickly it was going, how rapidly the children were growing, until today.

This morning as I was walking Quinn to the bus stop (bus stop...she begged to take the bus to school...who does that?!?!) and I made her pause to take the obligatory first day of school pictures, I looked at her like, "whoa.....where DID the time go?!"  Seems like my baby grew a foot and turned in to a little lady over night!

Quinn, the only person in the house who is glad that summer is over, started this morning at 5:30 a.m.  I was awakened by her singing joyfully, at the top of her lungs.  Rocking out to Bruno Mars in her bedroom while she straightened her hair.  At 6:00, fully dressed, and ready to go, she came in to my room and informed me that I was highly irresponsible for not being up yet, on this, the most important day of the year.  I don't know how she had the energy.  I know that I was still tired from sitting at soccer fields all weekend, watching her play four games in the 100 degree heat was hard work, and I was tired.

Begrudgingly, I got up, hit brew on my coffee, and burned the crap out of my hand in an attempt to straighten the back of her head, while half asleep.

She only had 2 more hours to wait until the school bus came.....
Three hours later, Isla still looks as thrilled about her sister leaving as she did in that pic.  
At least she isn't crying anymore.

I've said it lots over the last 11 years, but I'll say it again, When I Grow Up, I Want to be Just Like Quinn.  She approaches everything in life with such joy, and happiness.  She literally radiates sunshine in the things she does.  When most of her classmates are having pre-school jitters, anxiety, and acceptance issues, because this is their first day at MIDDLE SCHOOL, Quinn is literally DANCING her way to first period.  First time with a combination locker, that she has yet to know how to work: "No problem, mom!  I'm not worried!  Someone will help me!"  First time changing classes in a building twice the size as her last one, "I'll figure it out, Mom!"  Me...I'd have been throwing up in the hallway or hiding in the bathroom.

While I'm sad that summer is over and that my babies are growing up too fast, I'm so happy for them and proud of them.  I'm going to take some of the zest for life and fearlessness that I saw from Quinn today, and apply that to my my running...and coaching.