Sunday, October 6, 2013

Little Coach Knows Her Stuff

Every Saturday morning my alarm rudely awakes me at 5:30 a.m.  When most people are sleeping in, as one should be on a Saturday morning, I'm racing to get myself dressed, Isla loaded in the car seat, her snacks packed, Quinn dressed for soccer, and be at the gym by 7 a.m.  Saturday mornings typically start out with me saying some choice words about my current choice in careers.

However, once we get to the gym it seems worth it.  My earliest class is a group of over 50 people training for their first half marathon.  It's a fun group, because they are pushing themselves with new distances every Saturday.

Isla typically sleeps or vegges out for the first run-  BOB is her second bedroom.  However last Saturday, she was in rare form.  After we stretched and began our walk towards the course, Isla was talking with my runners and asking questions about how far everyone was going.

Then she says, "Mommy, when I get a little bit bigger, will you get me a Garmin, too, so I can know how far I running?"

The runners in my group burst into roars of laughter.  You know that your kid has spent a LOT of time with runners when she knows what a Garmin IS, what it does, and asks for one. 

I usually pace a group out for the first 30 mins, but have to turn back to start my next two groups at 8.  After I got my group paced, and off on their way, I headed back to meet my 5K'ers.  Isla told me that she wanted to get out and run, too.  I was pretty hesitant to let her out of the stroller because once she's out, she never wants to get back in, and lately, she says she wants to run....and it lasts 15 steps before, "CARRY ME, CARRY ME!"

This time, however....she ran.

She ran for 3/4 miles straight without stopping, and then walked the rest of the way back in to the gym.  The best part about it was...she ran in her zebra footie jammies.