Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today would be a great day for a NAP

What a week.

I don't think I could muster the energy to go for a one mile run.  Not even if you were dragging a quad venti soy mocha in front of me like a carrot.  We spent 13 plus hours on soccer yesterday.  Oh the things we do for our children.  Sun burned, fresh air poisoned, and exhausted, we remain. 
And this week could get even more fun.  Tomorrow morning I'll have the pleasure of visiting my friend the orthopedist.  The guy who told me I'd never be able to run more than a 10K.  And I really should quit, cuz my knee was that damaged.  Nice guy.  Best orthoped in Dallas.  But tomorrow, he could make or break me again.

Tomorrow I'll find out if I can still train for 

While dealing with

It shouldn't impact my running, right?  I don't run on my hands.

I'm a little nervous.   My high tolerance for pain is now my enemy.  I can't even really say, "oh my god this hurts" it's really more like a when I reach for something I almost pass out.  I'm now regretting my high school years of overdoing it in the weight room.  Throwing shot after shot after shot...for hours upon hours a day.  Determined to qualify for states.  Place in counties.  I'm regretting doing sectionals even when I was told not to.  Because, in hind sight, having the ability to pick up my coffee, reach for the baby's bowl, and turn the steering wheel as a grown up is much, much, much more important than throwing an 8 pound ball across a fucking football field.

Note to my kids...

Oh well.  Can't undo the past.  Hopefully just sew it up, staple it back together, and inject some cortisone into it to numb the pain. 

(For the record...that's not my MRI.  I wanted to post my MRI but apparently the image place doesn't save your scan in a format that's easy to do.  I'm working on it, cuz I think it'd be super cool to post my own scan of hamburger shoulder.)