Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A new leash on life (or, Amanda gets a new shoulder...)

Finally after many reschedules, a little run in with bronchitis, a trip around the world, and a birthday party...I got it done.  After 16 years of it being a pain in the ass, I got my shoulder fixed. 

The moment I entered the surgery center I began to regret my decision.  Okay, so my shoulder hurt (a lot) occasionally.  And every once in a while I couldn't move it (at all).  But really, I could live with it.  Can you tell I've never had elective surgery?  The thought was petrifying.  Though, no one was convinced enough to yank my IV, pull my gurney straight out of that surgery center, help me into the car and speed me back home.  Therefore, I was sort of stuck with the decision of gettin' it done.

Thankfully I don't even remember getting the general anesthesia.  I only remember waking up in a bit of pain.  Quite frankly, because I'd spent 6 hours of my day at that place, I was just anxious to get home to my kiddos.  I was surprised that it didn't hurt too much that night.   The next day the pain was a little bit more, but bearable.  I was only taking the occasional Advil for the aches.  I saw the surgeon and got the good news that day, as well, that the damage was a little less than expected.  Whoohoo!  And I was cleared to begin PT that week.  So with his blessing, I started PT 2 days after surgery.

And then the pain started.

In case you're planning on having shoulder surgery, let me warn you.  The stuff the doctors tell you about how "the pain is the worst days 2 and 3 after surgery" is a bunch of crap.  The pain is the worst once you start PT.  But I've still avoided pain meds, as I think it'd really hinder my healing.   Sure, it hurts, but ice takes the edge off, and it's not the end of the world. 

The good news is that with a few months of rehab I'll literally have a new shoulder.  And yea, I'm out of running for a good 3-6 weeks.'s 105 degrees out there.  Who the heck WANTS to run in that?