Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little Lessons Learned from Running

Running, in and of itself, is a true gift.  I am so thankful that I am able to run as much as I can.  Especially since I've battled a lot of crap this last 12 months.   I've come to better appreciate that to be able to run is a gift. 

I realize that the gift of running is a gift that keeps on giving.  It has taught me a love and appreciation of many things, which I'd never taken notice of before:

The Gift of Being in Touch with the Weather
Regular people may wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow, this weekend, or next week, but runners OBSESS over it.
We check UV warnings.  We check precip levels.  We have apps...on our phones...for this...that get worn out.

A Love, Desire, and Appreciation for all Things Non Cotton
Some may refer to my cotton hating ways as unAmerican, especially unTexan.  Listen, I love cotton for lounging and for hoodies, but for running and for socks, it's a no go.  Layer me in Lycra, strap me in Spandex.  I love that polyester stuff.

Excitement Over Losing a Toenail
About a week before I broke my foot (the week I had almost racked up 30 miles), I felt my nail come loose when I was out on a run.  Instead of panicking, worrying, and scheduling an emergency pedicure, I released an inner cheer, "Yessssss!  The first nail.  Marathon training has begun!"  I'm bummed that it's been growing back already (that means I'm not running enough).

An appreciation of crosswalks, even sidewalks, and cut aways.
The other day I was running with Isla and was really in tune with just what a crappy job my community has done with making sidewalks.  Why do I have to go around a corner, after crossing a street, to get back on the sidewalk.  This is stuff non runners and non civil engineers really wouldn't care about.
An absolute infatuation with all things that say "compression"
Compression socks.  Compression calf sleeves.  Compression tights.  Compression arm sleeves. Squeeeeeze me.
Nothing feels as good as my Zoots after a long run.  Now, are they cute?  No.  My zoots might be the ugliest garments I own, but I will wear them....with I shop at Target.  
An acceptance of Porta Potties
Oh whatever, listen I don't like 'em either.  I am as OCD as they come when it's about germ phobia.  But when you train for a marathon, and then go run one, you don't really have a freaking choice.  Unless you wanna do like NASA Lady and wear a diaper. 
When I started marathon training I had refused the Porta Potty thing.  I finally had to use one, for the first time in a long time...and vomited as I exited.  This kept up through several events.  Imagine my surprise as I was able to use one not too long ago and not have a total mental melt down.

The ability to turn any meal into miles
When I am in RUNNING mode, trying to get fit, I look at my meals as miles, not calories.  For example, I better thoroughly enjoy that bottle of Reisling, because that's 6 miles.  Tomorrow's margaritas....2 miles a POP. 

I'm sure there's many many more!  Best of all...there are more lessons to be learned!  I'm just starting out here!